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Fangda Group NHI: Three new products lead the industry


On December 20, at the end of the year, Fangda Group NHI sent good news. Three new types of equipment, MLL1200 spiral vertical mill, EQC5970 mining full face tunneling machine, and RSM1250 self moving telescopic annular stacker, developed and produced by NHI, were selected into the Catalog of Special and New Achievements in Heavy Machinery Industry 2022 issued by China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. NHI, three new products lead the industry.

MLL1200 spiral vertical mill: break foreign technology monopoly

MLL1200 spiral vertical mill is mainly used for crushing and grinding of metal ores. It is a kind of ultra-fine grinding equipment. In the middle of winter, seven MLL1200 domestic spiral vertical mills provided by NHI are working day and night at Sanjiazi Mining in Benxi. As the largest domestic spiral vertical mill at present, these products have become the main production equipment of Sanjiazi Mining. According to the field staff, the biggest advantage of MLL1200 domestic spiral vertical mill is that the site utilization rate is extremely high, which saves 30% - 50% energy compared with traditional grinding equipment. At the same time, it meets the requirements of efficient grinding, fine particle size, simplified process, unattended, automatic operation, low noise, low medium consumption, low installation cost, and convenient maintenance. It is increasingly recognized by the mining industry and has a promising future.

In January 2019, NHI developed MLL1200 domestic spiral vertical mill, which is equipped for Benxi Sanjiazi Mining. This product has not only broken the foreign monopoly pattern, but also achieved a new breakthrough in China's iron ore dressing technology.

EQC5970 mining full face tunneling machine: the overall technology is internationally advanced

EQC5970 mining full face tunneling machine is a new tunneling equipment designed and developed by NHI for the construction of east and west return air tunnels in Kaiyuan mining area of Yangquan Coal Group. The equipment adopts innovative designs such as central main beam, double support system, and step changing walking mechanism. It is capable of driving 15km with a single machine under the environment of rock compressive strength of 20-170MPa. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. The performance of this product in Yangquan Coal Mining Group in the past three years shows that it has accelerated the technical development of full face roadheader, greatly improved the working efficiency of coal mine rock roadway construction, and achieved a new green, safe and low-carbon working method. The comprehensive tunneling efficiency can reach 600m/month, and the working efficiency can reach 20 times of the traditional construction method.

RSM1250 self moving telescopic ring stacker: leading in comprehensive level in the world

The RSM1250 self moving telescopic ring stacker, developed and manufactured by NHI, has become the most diligent "employee" here at the water slag transfer terminal of Japan's Geshan Iron Plant. It is possible to load 700 tons of water slag onto the transport ship within an hour.

RSM1250 self moving telescopic ring stacker is a bulk material conveying equipment used in seaports and wharves. The equipment can adjust the positioning and posture according to the site working conditions, cooperate with the boom telescoping and pitching, and cooperate with the automatic rotation function to automatically stack materials to the specified position as required. Previously, only a few companies in the United States and Finland were able to design and manufacture this type of equipment. NHI realized the localization of this type of equipment through independent research and development, and all indicators reached the international first-class level. At present, the product has passed the strict test of its application in Japanese docks, proving that it can meet the technical requirements of owners in new market fields such as heap leaching, nonferrous mines, bulk docks, etc. The expert authority commented that the R&D and manufacturing of RSM1250 self moving telescopic ring stacker not only filled the domestic gap and broke the monopoly of foreign technology, but also made China a world leader in the development of such products.

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