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NHI: Accelerate Digital Transformation And Enhance Core Competitiveness


In order to gain a firm foothold in the market and win the development advantage, NHI has started to lay out the production big data system since the implementation of mixed transformation in 2019, trying to incorporate data into the production and operation activities of enterprises as a new factor of production, and promoting enterprises to develop new businesses from a new dimension.

The production organization mode of single piece and small batch is a long-standing problem that cannot be avoided in the digital upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry: each product is "customized", which is difficult to mass produce, a large number of steel products, castings and forgings, mechanical and electrical accessories need procurement or social cooperation, and the timeliness and quality of supply restrict the production organization, the balanced arrangement of internal production resources faces many obstacles. How to achieve the overall balance of multiple elements such as "people, machines, materials, methods, and environment" has always puzzled the production organizers of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry.

Can digital technology solve this problem? NHI is constantly exploring and seeking answers in production practice.

Independent R&D and production of big data system

As the backbone enterprise in the field of heavy equipment manufacturing in China, the production organization mode of NHI has been promoted nationwide as the industry benchmark. However, with the development and progress of the times, the traditional production organization model has been unable to meet the increasingly fierce market competition, and the "short, flat and fast" organization model is increasingly favored by the market.

It is reported that the product structure of NHI is complex, the production process chain is long, and the delivery time is short, so it is urgent to carry out intelligent upgrading of the enterprise's manufacturing process. Through the transformation of intelligent production equipment, optimization of processing process, application of intelligent information system management and control and other technologies, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing can be realized, to shorten the construction period, improve product quality, release production resources, save energy and reduce consumption.

Through unremitting efforts, a new set of production big data system has been officially put into use in NHI recently. This set of production big data system independently developed by NHI is a production big data platform built with new generation information technology for the production, manufacturing and processing of single small batch products. The system functions mainly include product master data collection, advanced scheduling of production plans, construction of production and manufacturing process monitoring modules, etc. It can realize real-time operation of production control, make rational use of various resources, improve the quality traceability chain during product production, and can dynamically control the operation status of production and processing equipment.

Establish A Data Link Covering the Whole Production Process

This system uses big data technology to carry out the application of big data model building and cloud computing analysis of production and processing technology. By introducing algorithm models and combining the characteristics of small batch production and processing of single piece, the advanced scheduling of production and manufacturing process planning is simulated and inspected.

The practical application results show that this system can reasonably arrange the resources of equipment, personnel, materials, and other aspects, and can effectively improve the planning of the manufacturing process. At the same time, the system uses 5G technology to simplify the collection process of production and manufacturing execution, and helps the front-line employees of NHI complete the role transformation from ordinary industrial workers to node controllers of production and manufacturing processes.

In addition, the system also uses the Internet of Things technology to add sensors to the original traditional equipment, open network links, and upgrade the traditional production, manufacturing, and processing equipment at the minimum cost, thus realizing the data collection of the equipment itself.

"We have established the main database of the BOM structure and processing route of the products of NHI in this system. We can deduce and adjust the project duration according to the product processing route provided by the system algorithm model, reasonably arrange the production and manufacturing equipment, and it is estimated that the equipment utilization rate can be improved by more than 20%. In the future, through the data interchange of multiple systems, we will establish a data chain covering the whole process of production, manufacturing, and processing of NHI, more production data will be used to assist the design, process, procurement, production, equipment, and other departments to carry out optimization and continuous improvement. " Zhang Fan, Vice Minister of Strategic Development Department of NHI, introduced.

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